1L Bottle: SANS YELLOW Shampoo - Eliminate undesirable yellow tones in your hair

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1L Bottle: SANS YELLOW Shampoo - Eliminate undesirable yellow tones in your hair

Remove yellow tones from blonde, grey or white hair with SANS YELLOW

Sans Yellow shampoo is the ideal product to preserve your hair color’s intensity and beauty between salon visits

  • This shampoo increases shine and helps to neutralize undesirable yellow tones on blonde, grey or white hair. Even with frequent use, it does not leave violet or blue highlights.
  • It will help prevent fading and the appearance of unpleasant tones until your next salon visit.
  • With its light fragrance, Sans Yellow shampoo will prevent hair breakage while also improving its texture.

Instructions for use:
On wet hair, apply a small quantity of shampoo, lather and rinse.

Intensity of highlights:
Strong: Leave in for up to 5 minutes (prolong the setting time if necessary). Use daily until you obtain the desired color. Use once or twice a week to maintain results.

Medium: Leave in for up to 5 minutes. Use once or twice a week.

Light: Leave in from 30 seconds to 1 minute for daily use.

    74,95$ 99,83$ -25% OFF


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    Its unique formula makes Sans Yellow the only purple shampoo that you can use every day without damaging it and without leaving purple highlights in your hair.


    Sans Yellow's ultra-effective, gentle formula ;will eliminate yellow tones and increase your shine without drying out your hair.



    Sans Yellow éliminera les tons jaunes indésirables et augmentera la brillance dans vos cheveux blonds, blancs ou gris, tout en régénérant leur santé à chaque utilisation.


    • Procure une souplesse incroyable aux cheveux.
    • Aide à prévenir les cheveux cassants.
    • Hydrate et améliore la texture.

    At Luc Vincent Soins pour cheveux, we are aware of the environmental impact of our products' packaging, ingredients and transportation.

    We're reducing our environmental footprint to a minimum with our new recyclable container (level 2), which is half the size of our competitors'.

    We use only the active ingredients necessary to achieve the results our products are designed to achieve, while respecting the environment;

    Sans Yelow components

    Light fragrance, Sans Yellow contains no méthylisothiazolinone (MI), ammonia, peroxide or paraphénylènediamine (PPD).

    Ingredients often found in more conventional shampoos can seriously damage your hair's health.

    • Ingredients: Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Cocamide DEA, Glycol distearate,Fragrance, Methyl paraben, DMDM
    • Hydantoin, Propyl paraben, Citric Acid, Hydrolized Keratin, Triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil, PEG-150 Distearate, Jojoba oil, hydrolised
    • Collagen, Glycerin, CI 42090, CI 77499, CI 16185, CI 19140)

    If you have blond, white or gray hair, whether naturally or not, you're no stranger to yellowing or dulling.

    Your hair color is magnificent when it leaves the hairdresser’but it fades, loses its shine and turns yellow with each wash.

    Lighter hair is susceptible to discoloration from washing, styling with heated tools, product build-up, swimming, pollution, smoking and oxidation.

    This can be an inconvenient problem when your color loses its vibrancy and your hair shades end up displaying indescribable tones.

    Is there a way to add luster to your hair without going back to your hairdresser?

    The answer is yes, with our purple shampoo: Yellow Free!

    Sans Yellow is a pigmented color-maintenance shampoo that uses violet to directly eliminate yellow tones from dull blond, white and gray hair.

    The formulation of Sans Yellow shampoo means it can be used frequently without leaving purple highlights in the hair, unlike other shampoos. It is a pigmented shampoo designed for color maintenance between services. Professional-grade, it is ultra-pigmented and offers unparalleled neutralizing power. It is appreciated by customers and hairdressing professionals alike.

    Sans Yellow works by using violet to correct yellow and golden tones in blonde, white and gray hair. Unlike dyes and colorants that work on the inside of the hair to remove internal pigments, Sans Yellow shampoo works on the surface of the hair to neutralize the undetectable tones that build up over time.

    Violet is in direct opposition to yellow, which means that both colors can cancel each other out;

    When you tone your yellowed hair with violet, you attract yellow tones and nuances.

    This means that the violet in Sans Yellow neutralizes the warm base of blonde hair and masks golden tones. It cools these shades by simply turning them their opposite color.

    To better understand how this works, try mixing purple and yellow paints on a palette - you'll notice that the result is an off-white, light grey or pale beige. This is exactly what happens to your yellow hair when it comes into contact with Sans Yellow.

    It's important to use a violet shampoo that's dark, rich and vibrant. Its unique, balanced formulation, with violet as an active ingredient, makes the most of its color-correcting qualities.

    Sans Yellow violet shampoo is for those with light hair, whether colored, natural or with highlights, it will neutralize the unmistakable yellow tones in your light hair and keep it shiny, soft and healthy.

    What do we mean by light color?

    If your hair is one of the colors below, purple shampoo will work for you:

    •  Blonde
    •  Platine
    •  Ash blond / very light brown
    •  Silver / grey
    •  White

    Sans Yellow works on light hair. If you have brown hair with blonde highlights, Sans Yellow will neutralize the shades on your light hair. The purple shampoo will have no effect on your darker hair, so you don't have to worry about affecting your regrowth or darker hair when using Sans Yellow.

    If you have color-treated hair, Sans Yellow is an absolute must-have. You're probably used to dull hair after leaving the salon for a few weeks. There's no need to re-dye your hair in these circumstances, the key is to use Sans Yellow as part of your regular washing routine to keep your hair shiny and radiant.

    If you're ready to say goodbye to yellow hues and hello to shiny silvers and blondes, it's time to add Sans Yellow Purple Shampoo to your hair care arsenal.

    This professional-grade shampoo will illuminate hair while leaving it soft and supple.

    You can modulate the application time and frequency of purple shampoo to make the most of its color-correcting properties, depending on your hair type, color and desired results.

    After rinsing, use Leave In Or Not conditioner, rinsing or not depending on your hair's moisture needs;

    Each pigment neutralizes a shade. The neutralized shade is the one directly opposite. In the laws of colorimetry, violet is directly opposed to yellow, so these two colors neutralize each other. The opposite color of blue is orange. So a blue shampoo will neutralize copper tones in the hair.

    If you know your hair is porous, try using Sans Yellow without setting time. Porous hair absorbs pigments to a great extent and does not need to be treated intensively to achieve the desired results. Increase application time and frequency gradually, depending on your goals. Normal porosity hair will not develop purple highlights with Sans Yellow. Please note that purple highlights are not permanent. They are on the surface and disappear with washing.

    It's important to remember that purple shampoo is NOT a hair dye. If you know your hair is porous, use Sans Yellow without setting time and rinse. Porous hair absorbs pigments to a great extent and does not need to be treated intensively to achieve the desired results. Increase application time and frequency gradually. You can modulate the application time and frequency of violet shampoo to make the most of its color-correcting properties, depending on your hair type, color and desired results.

    After rinsing, use Leave In Or Not conditioner, rinsing or not depending on your hair's moisture needs.

    This depends on how quickly your hair washes out and how often you wash your hair in general. You can modulate the use of Sans Yellow according to exposure time and/or frequency to achieve your goal.

    All hair reacts differently, so if your hair color is perfectly your taste when you leave the salon, Sans Yellow will be the perfect ally to keep unsightly yellow highlights out of your hair. If your hair is naturally white or gray, and surface build-up of yellowed highlights has been present for a long time, be sure to adjust the frequency and application time to suit your goals. Without Yellow working on the surface of the hair to remove stains, it won't be able to dye the inside of the hair like a dye.

    Récapitulative Sans Yellow shampoo
    Sans Yellow shampoo neutralizes yellow and golden tones in blonde, gray and white hair by depositing a fresh pigment.

    It's the best way to neutralize or balance yellow tones and keep your blond, white or gray hair natural or colorful, without having to schedule a salon visit.

    Adjust the amount of purple shampoo you use, as well as the length of time you leave it on, according to the color correction you need.

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